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This is for men looking to raise the bar for themselves, their community and the world.

Real Talk...

  • Whether you're a purpose driven man
  • ​An entrepreneur, creative, service provider
  • ​Or a man with a 9-5 and big dreams

MRM Brotherhood is for you...

Behind our doors, you'll receive the tools, training, and community to create the life you love.

  • World class coaching
  • ​Leadership training
  • ​Impeccable brotherhood
  • ​Self mastery tools & resources

Community is the new currency 
and we're enrolling right now.


MRM Brotherhood was inspired by necessity.

Men NEED space; powerful and healthy spaces in which they can receive support and be held accountable to their highest potential without judgement. Spaces where they can find their edge and train to be the men they want to be. Spaces where they can practice unapologetically expressing they truth and owning their power with an open-heart.

That’s why we created MRM Brotherhood–because we saw a gap in both the men’s lifestyle and men’s wellbeing space that we craved to experience. One that bridged the power of coaching, leadership training and menswork with the refreshing vibe of a lifestyle brand, creating a culture where men to feel excited to do the work and level up at all stages of their journey.

“There was a time where I felt like I was the only one, on a quest to become the best version of myself…I put a call out to find my tribe and that’s when MRM showed up…it changed my life completely…to be challenged and pushed towards my edge…I truly feel I leveled up in more ways than one…I wouldn’t be the man I am now without MRM.”

Mike M.| Entrepreneur & Filmmaker

No man can be 
his greatest, all the time, by himself...

So many of us believe that the only thing required to create the life we want is hard work or sheer luck.

That being vulnerable or asking for support is a sign of weakness.

That going deep and doing the inner work is only required when we hit rock bottom.

Ironically, this leads to burnout, unfulfilling relationships, blindspots, repeating unhealthy patterns, 
and living a life filled with regrets and resentment knowing we didn’t give it our all.


creating the life we love requires us to find our edge, open up to support & community and commit to level up our mind, body, heart for success.


more success

is experienced by men who are willing to ask for support and send progress reports to friends.


of modern men

report craving genuine connection and support from a community that gets them.


what separates

high performing men apart from peers with similar experience is emotional intelligence.



Designed to empower men to level up in all areas of their life.

World Class 

Coaching from world class certified master coaches and facilitators to help you identify blindspots, move past limiting beliefs and create breakthroughs.


Training designed to empower you with the capacity to lead in a wide range of leadership and life scenarios without collapsing under pressure.

Impeccable Brotherhood

 Develop deep and meaningful relationships with other men committed to living the life they want to live

Self Mastery Resources

Practical tools and resources designed to support you in leveling up your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing 


As part of being in this community, you can expect the following:


It can be easy to do a lot without doing much at all. By getting clear on your vision and experiencing a higher standard of  accountabilityyou will harness and sustain the clarity and fortitude needed to take more aligned and focused action.


Being independent makes us good individual producers, but being part of a community makes us great leaders. By being constantly surrounded and supported by a powerful community, you get to cultivate meaningful relationships that add value to your life.


With creating the life you love comes inevitable challenges. By integrating and elevating your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing you be able to more effectively manage stress and increase your capacity to hold more in your life.


Many of us believe that in order to be successful we must sacrifice joy and happiness. By doing the inner work you will be able to remove unnecessary pressure, judgement and overthinking and create space for more life.

Take a peak...

Hear What Members Have To Say

"I’m surrounded by powerhouses who are crushing it and it naturally fuels my progression"

Ben Y.

"Every time I come off these MRM group calls I feel 1000x lighter"

Justyn C.



Become part of a brotherhood of incredible you don't have to do it alone.

Authentic Conversations

Go beyond the small talk and surface level convos and cultivate authentic relationships and intimate connections with men from all different back grounds and experiences.

Networking Opportunities

Build a solid network of other like-minded men you can connect, create & grow with personally and professionally. 

Accountability & Support

Raise your standard of integrity and feel empowered at all stages of your journey with a strong system of accountability and a safe space to navigate challenges without judgement.

And much more!

Even the greatest of men 
have blindspots.


Identify blindspots, move past limiting beliefs and create breakthroughs into possibility.

Athletes have a coaches throughout their career– especially in their prime. Why wouldn't you?

Coaching is designed to empower us to take ownership over our lives and access our highest potential–not to "fix" or wait to find when we "need" it. 

Working with a coach empowers us to:

  • Uncover blind-spots & get out of our own way
  • Become aware of new possibilities
  • Remember who you truly are
  • ​Heal past experiences impacting our performance
  • ​Break free from limiting beliefs & paradigms
  • ​Raise our standard of integrity & follow through
  • ​Stretch past our zone of comfort

Our MRM certified master-coaches are trained to support you at every stages and step of the way.

In short, we got you covered brother.

Ready To Start?

“The brothers have shown me the power of acting from integrity, challenging myself to stay in honor by holding true to my words, actions, and deeds; their example continuously proves to me the power of a man of integrity, whose word is amplified by the full force of his masculine presence, energy, and commitment.”

Jack S.| CEO & AR/VR Designer 


Our Masterclasses Include Exclusive 
Expert Training On:

  • Leadership
  • ​Entrepreneurship
  • Relationships
  • ​Mens Mental Health
  • ​Human Optimization
  • ​Masculinity
  • ​Art & Fashion
  • ​Self Expression
  • ​And More...

we make unaccessible men, accessible!

We empower men to level up in all areas of their life.


While most coaching & personal development work uses...

a top down approach focused on shifting mindset in order to create results, it has been proven that the key to unlocking our full potential is found in understanding the relationship between our state of mind & emotion and the reflected expression of our body.

Our embodiment training and...

self mastery tools use a bottom up approach, designed to empower you to elevate and integrate your mind, body, and emotional and soul so you can be the embodiment of the man you are becoming.


Not just a men’s brand, Not just a men’s group.
It’s a lifestyle – a way of being.


Step into brotherhood


The greatest investment you can make is in yourself

1x brotherhood call
  • 1x Brotherhood Call
  • Community Telegram Chat
  • Challenges & Daily Prompts
  • Monthly Brotherhood Calls
  • Embodiment Training
  • Self Mastery Tools 
  • Member Only Masterclasses
  • Membership Platform
  • World Class Coaching
  • 12 Week Transformation Incubator
  • Individualized Support
  • Elite Level Accountability
  • Leadership Training & Opportunities

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$297 Billed Quarterly
  • Monthly Brotherhood Calls
  • + Private Telegram Chat
  • Challenges & Daily Prompts
  • + Monthly Brotherhood Calls
  • + Embodiment Training
  • + Self Mastery Tools
  • + Member Only Masterclasses
  • + Membership Platform
  • + World Class Coaching
  • 12 Week Transformation Incubator
  • Individualized Support
  • Elite Level Accountability
  • Leadership Training & Opportunities
Limited time offer, $297 Billed Quarterly
  • Monthly Brotherhood Calls
  • + Exclusive Telegram Chat
  • Challenges & Daily Prompts
  • Monthly Brotherhood Calls
  • Embodiment Training
  • Self Mastery Tools 
  • Member Only Masterclasses
  • Membership Platform
  • World Class Coaching
  • +12 Week Transformation Incubator
  • + Individualized Support
  • + Elite Level Accountability
  • + Leadership Training & Opportunities

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“MRM has changed my life for the better…previously I was a lone wolf…after meeting MRM, these men held tremendous space for me to help uncover the doubts and traumas that were hidden in the shadows…I never felt more aligned with myself and my professional life…these brothers helped me get out of my own way and for that, I am eternally grateful…I am a Modern Renaissance Man for life.”

Ian G.| Content Strategist

Still On The Fence?


 You're looking to step into your next evolution

You’re a modern man looking to step into the next evolution of your life and purpose.

 You're committed to find your edge

You’re committed to consistently finding, understanding, and stretching past your edge of comfort in all areas of life and leadership.

 You're committed to self mastery

You are committed to self-mastery and leveling up your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

 You're looking to receive clarity and insight

You’re looking to receive clarity and insight into your blindspots, move past limiting beliefs and create breakthroughs.

 You're ready to step into brotherhood

You are looking for an opportunity to connect, build & grow with other like-minded men you can trust.

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, you're in the right place

“It wasn’t until I dove into MRM that I experienced growth on all levels…So much growth has happened in so little time…MRM has completely changed the trajectory of my life…it helped me move past my frustrations so I can focus on the solutions and not the problems…if you’re on the fence, this is where the edge is, this is where the growth is…this will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.”

Javi R.| Peak Performance Coach

Our Mission

Modern Renaissance Man

MRM is a men’s lifestyle brand and community that empowers men to create the life they love. 

Through transformative experiences, 
self-mastery resources and impeccable brotherhood we inspire men to unapologetically express their truth and 
own their power.

We exist to help tomorrow’s leaders 
create themselves TODAY.

This is where Modern Renaissance Men are seen, heard and put to the fire 
to forge the life they love and leave nothing on the table.

Your Time is NOW

Create The Life You Love

MRM Brotherhood

The online brotherhood for modern men committed to exploring their edge of growth and creating the life they love.

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